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Dive into Crystal Clear Waters with Desalgine®: The Ultimate Pool Algaecide


When it comes to maintaining a sparkling and algae-free pool, choosing the right algaecide is crucial. Enter Desalgine®, a liquid, foam-free, and pH-neutral algaecide that has revolutionized pool maintenance. In this blog post, we will explore what Desalgine® is, its uses, the benefits it offers, and why it stands out from other anti-algae products in the market.

What is Desalgine®?

Desalgine® is a powerful and concentrated liquid algaecide designed to prevent the growth and spread of algae in pool waters. Its innovative formula makes it a perfect choice for pools with counter-current systems or other water attractions. The non-foaming property of Desalgine® sets it apart from other algaecides, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable pool experience.

Uses of Desalgine®

Desalgine® is primarily used for the prevention of algae growth in swimming pools. Algae are a common nuisance in pool waters, causing water discoloration and slippery surfaces. By incorporating Desalgine® into your pool maintenance routine, you can bid farewell to algae-related problems and maintain pristine, crystal-clear waters.

Benefits of Desalgine®

Free of Heavy Metals: Unlike traditional anti-algae products containing copper sulfate, Desalgine® is free of heavy metals. This makes it a safe choice for pool liners and prevents potential damage to pool surfaces and built-in parts.

Foam-Free Anti-Algae Concentrate: The foam-free nature of Desalgine® makes it ideal for pools with counter-current systems or water attractions. Say goodbye to foam-related headaches and enjoy a serene swimming experience.

Clarifying Effect: In addition to preventing algae growth, Desalgine® also offers a clarifying effect on the water. This enhances the overall sparkle and brilliance of the pool water, creating an inviting oasis for swimmers.

Long-Term Effect Against Algae: Desalgine® utilizes a patented formula that contains a high concentration of active ingredients. This long-term effect ensures that algae stay at bay for an extended period, reducing the frequency of treatment applications.

Economical to Use: Thanks to its high active ingredient content, Desalgine® is incredibly economical. You'll require less product per treatment, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining your pool.

Why Choose Desalgine® Over Other Products?

The key differentiating factor that sets Desalgine® apart from other anti-algae products is its unique formula. While conventional algaecides might contain copper sulfate, Desalgine® does not, eliminating the risk of copper-related damage to pool surfaces and equipment. The high concentration of active ingredients in Desalgine® ensures its effectiveness against algae and provides a long-lasting solution to keep your pool clean and clear.


In summary, Desalgine® is a game-changing liquid algaecide that offers a wide range of benefits for pool owners. Its foam-free and pH-neutral formula, coupled with the absence of heavy metals, makes it a safe and reliable choice for maintaining pool waters. Say hello to a sparkling, algae-free pool with Desalgine® and enjoy a worry-free swimming experience all season long!


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