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About Us

Who are Crystal Pools?

Crystal Pools is a local Maltese company setup in 2018 that specializes in pool water treatments. With the environment in mind our advanced technology and products allow us to maintain your swimming pool efficiently, providing you with a clear, safe, and sustainable pool. This leads to the enjoyment of your pool with peace of mind and respect to the environment by reducing use of chemicals.


Why choose us?

Our complete range of services and products for swimming pool management and maintenance include:

Scheduled Pool Maintenance
Pool Water Treatment Products
Pool Cleaning Products and Accessories
Pool Accessories and Illumination
Pool Water Heating
Automatic Dosing Systems
Pumps and Filtration Systems
Wellness Spa Equipment
Above-Ground Pools

As local suppliers for, Bayrol, Dryden Aqua & Fluidra, we are proud to offer our customers the best solutions on the market.

Bayrol’s high-quality products feature unique and exclusive specialties that make them incredibly easy to use. Additionally, Bayrol offers an optimal and complete range of products for easy care of hot tubs and spa Jacuzzis.

Dryden Aqua is known for providing high technology and innovation in the
chemical treatment of swimming pool water. Using AFM® Activated Filter
Media, Dryden Aqua is able to double the performance of sand filters without
the need for additional investments in infrastructure. AFM
® resists biofouling,
biocoagulation, and transient wormhole channelling of unfiltered water, and
never needs to be recharged or replaced. This makes it an incredibly cost-effective and efficient choice for pool owners.

Fluidra, a multinational group listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange, is the global
leader in the pool and wellness industry. Founded in 1969, Fluidra has longstanding experience in developing innovative products and services in the
global residential and commercial pool market.


Don’t just take our word for it - check out our customer testimonials to see how
we’ve helped other pool owners get the most out of their swimming pools.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain a
beautiful, safe, and sustainable pool.


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Albert Galea

Group CEO - Baystreet Group

"Crystal Pools was extremely professional in the installation for be.Hotel's indoor pool. They were very aware of the time constraints they had to work within, and this type of support is unquestionably vital in our field of business."
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